Telmo Joao Parreira

Bare Emotion

Advocating Emotional Literacy Using the Poster as Medium

Bare Emotion is a project born of a need of understanding my own emotions in a therapy setting. Acknowledging the importance of emotional literacy in the present context, this project will explore past and current views on emotion, feelings and affections in order to better understand them. Enabled by the practice of communication design, we will view how to discuss emotions via diagrams, infographics and illustrations with an educational approach. The objective of this project is not only to promote emotional literacy but to also generate awareness to the increasingly important topic that is mental health.

Betreuende Professor|innen: Prof. Monika Aichele, Dr. Karen Knoll, Dipl. Des. Eberhard Kirchhoff, Prof. Matthias Riedel, Prof. Charlotte Schröner